4 Reasons To Ditch Your Low Carb Diet (Even If You Think It’s Working)

BBW CarbsYou’re motivated to slash away that frustrating belly fat.

“This is the time,” you tell yourself, “I’m finally going to lose the pudge.”

If you’re like most women out there, you’re using a low carb diet to get that weight off. After all, on paper it sounds amazing.

Carbs make your body release insulin. Insulin leads to fat storage. Cut the carbs and your body becomes a fat burning machine.

Much to your dismay, your body is far more complex than that simplified solution to fat loss.

In fact, cutting your carbs back too low does more harm than good.

Let’s take a closer look at why keeping carbs in your diet will lead to faster, easier, more effective fat loss.

Carbs Keep Your Body Functioning Well

I know, I know. Your body doesn’t technically need carbs to survive. But surviving and thriving are two very different things.

Most cells in your body prefer to use glucose as a form of energy. And some cells, like your brain, will almost always exclusively rely on carbohydrates.

This is why you always experience that horrible brain fog the first couple weeks after cutting carbs. Sure, you can push through and hope you adapt. But many people don’t.

And why take the risk? There’s no need to force yourself to stick to a rigid diet that leaves you feeling lethargic and tired all day.

After all, becoming a fit, strong, and empowered female means you have to optimize your performance in all areas of life. You can’t be squeaking by with zombie-like energy levels.

Beyond the fact that carbs help with energy levels, they also make up a convenient way to get plenty of important nutrients.

If your low carb diet is so extreme that it forces you to restrict fruits and vegetables, these, you could be setting yourself up for deficiency.

Remember, you don’t need to take your carb intake sky-high to get these nutrients, but keeping at least 100 grams in per day will feel like a world of difference compared to a zero- carb diet.

Carbs Drive Athletic Performance And Strength

If you cut your carbs too low, your workouts and your results will suffer.

In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to get a good, effective training session in without adequate carbs in your diet plan.

If that’s the case, then why do so many people advocate a low carb diet?

They don’t train as hard as you do.

If you want to walk a lot and do some light weight exercises 1-2 days per week, then go for it. Don’t eat any carbs.

But that’s not you. You know how to work hard.

You aren’t scared of lifting some weights.

You don’t shy away from High Intensity Interval Training.

You know the type of workout program that gets real results.

You need carbs to keep that progress going.

Carbs Maintain Your Metabolic Rate

Very low carb diets will cause the hormone Leptin to plummet after a couple weeks. And leptin is a critical factor in allowing your body to continue to burn fat.

When you’re on a very low carb diet, you’ll a plateau faster than those who keep eat more carbs on a more frequent basis.

Carbs Make You Happy

This may sound silly, but it’s true. Have you ever been on a low carb diet and found yourself becoming a monster?

Your friends and family have to start walking on egg shells to avoid bringing out the Hangry Woman who was just hungry for carbs.

You’re not imagining it. Completely cutting carbs can suppress the neurotransmitter responsible for feeling good- serotonin. .

Keeping more carbs in your diet will keep you in a better mood with more motivation to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Now, does this mean low carb diets are ineffective? Of course not. Plenty of people have gotten amazing results. But it tends to come with a cost. A cost that you don’t have to pay.

If getting in shape requires you to suffer the entire way, what’s the point? Life’s too short to be miserable but have a sleek 6-pack.

You deserve to have it all.

To be fit, fun, and full of energy. And avoiding the common mistake of cutting out all your carbs can help you do just that.

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