Why Cardio is Ruining Your Fat Loss

picjumbo.com_HNCK4578When you want to take your training to the next level, your first move is to crank up the cardio.

After all, the more time you spend in that fat burning zone, the more toned you will get, right?


Logging those endless hours on the treadmill or elliptical creates a laundry list of negative effects that actually prevent you from losing fat.

Once you understand the downsides of traditional steady state cardio, you’ll learn the best type of training for melting away fat and exposing the sleek muscle you’ve built.

Here is what you need to know

You Lose Muscle, Making You Look Small and Flabby

Too much steady state cardio will eat your hard earned muscle. Now, I’m not talking about the muscle that makes you look big and bulky.

I’m talking about the sleek, toned muscle you build with a highly effective workout system- perky glutes, a slender core, and lean shoulders.

Here is how it works.

It’s easy for your body to break down muscle, especially when you’re doing cardio.


The best stimulus to maintain muscle is…you guessed it…lifting weights.

But when you do too much cardio without any resistance, your body is more than happy to break down your muscle.

When this happens, you may end up losing weight, but most of the weight you lose is muscle, not fat.

This leaves you with a smooth, puffy, doughy body. The exact opposite of what you want to flaunt when you’re at the beach.

Not only that, but losing muscle also slows down your metabolic rate. That means you burn fewer calories at rest, making it easier for your body to gain fat.

Higher Risk For Overuse Injuries

Another problem with too much steady state cardio is a higher risk of overuse injuries.

The constant, repetitive movement places a lot of stress on the same joints, tendons, and ligaments day after day.

Over time, your body breaks down and you wind up with achey knees, a nagging hip, or a lower back that’s always sore. Eventually, you have to take time off from training, which sets you back even further in your path to getting a bikini body.

Physiological Adaptations

Finally, the last main issue related to too much steady state cardio training is the physiological adaptations that can occur.

After doing the same cardio workout week after week, your body adapts. Now, making positive changes to your body requires that you challenge yourself and make progress.

With steady state cardio, the two ways to progress are to:

  1. Go harder
  2. Go longer

Going harder may seem like a good option, but that eventually becomes too much stress for your body to handle.

What happens then?

You guessed it. You end up eating away the hard earned muscle that gives you the shape you’re working for.

And going longer?

You’re a busy woman. You’ve got a family, a job, and a social life to maintain. The last thing you need is to waste 4 hours per week pounding away on the stair master.

So Whats A Woman To Do?

You need short, sweet intense cardio sessions. The kind that:

Still not convinced?

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