Saggy Arms No More: How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arm Fat

Strong ArmsSaggy Arms No More: How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arm Fat

You zip up the back of your little black dress and stare back at yourself in the mirror. “If only my arms were more toned…” you find yourself thinking.

Whether you have these moments when putting on dresses, tanks, or anything else sleeveless, you know that a little less arm flab would you make you a lot more confident.

Why do you have to deal with saggy arms?

It comes down to genetics. Depending on your make up, your body preferentially stores fat in different areas. Some get it in the boobs and butt. Others the thighs.

For you, it’s the arms. And once you get the arm jiggle, you know it’s a struggle to get off.

But, it’s not impossible. How can you banish the flab and get the fit, defined arms you crave?

Here’s your game plan.

Realize That Total Body Fat Loss Matters

The first thing you must do is get out of the mindset that you can tone up any specific part of your body.

You can’t.

Fat loss is a full body affair.You’ll lose little bits of fat from all over as time progresses on.

Sure, you may notice some areas losing fat a bit faster than others, but over time, fat will come off everywhere. So be patient.

Clean Up Your Diet

This brings us to the nutrition side of things. If you really want to burn fat, you need to focus on cleaning up your diet. Meaning, no more processed foods, no more sugar, and definitely no more fast food.

Start eating a diet comprised of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and select wholesome carbohydrates around your workout sessions.

A fat-loss nutrition program like this lends itself to full body fat burning – including the fat on your arms.

Focus On Metabolic Boosting Training

Then in addition to that, you’ll want to structure your workouts around efficient training that builds muscle and burns fat.

Ditch the hours on the cardio machines. They’re doing you more harm than good.

You want something that will make your body primed to build a lean, toned physique.

This comes from a smart strength training program as well as some metabolic or interval conditioning training.

Add Smart Exercises

Finally, once both of those are in order, you then will want to add in some smart exercises targeting the area.

Note these exercises are not designed to specifically burn fat from those regions. Instead, they will help build up more muscle and increase your arm definition.

That way, you’ll have some something to flaunt once you’re lean and mean.

What exercises are ideal?

To help work the triceps, which is the muscle directly under your arms, you’ll want to use overhead band extensions as well as push-ups with your elbows tucked in. You’ll really feel your triceps in these two moves.

Here’s one of my favorite push up variations:

To hit your biceps, which sit on the front portion of the upper arm, turn to rowing movements. These compound exercises will also give added toning benefits to your back as well.

Finally, for the rear delts and back of your shoulders, you’ll want to try band pull aparts, Y-raises, as well as YTWL’s.

Here’s a demo of the Y raises:

All three of these will help carve out those back muscles, and make you proud to rock a that backless dress everyday.

Don’t let unfit arms get you down any longer.

You have the game plan to change it! So put these steps into action and you’ll never again feel the frustration from flabby arms.

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